GLOBE TECHNOLOGY has the answer for your Fire Safety Switch needs

These are designed to shut down the electrical supply to the pump on your flammable liquid lines or hydraulicly driven machinery using a fusible link technology. REMEMBER, if the 120 Volt power to the controller goes off, then the 3-phase pump or equipment will shut down too!!

On large equipment, you may need to wire several of these in a series and a "halo' ring around your machine. It is also suggested that a pilot lamp be installed at eye level so you can be sure power is getting from the source, through the roof or elevated Fire Safety Switches and is available at your controller without having to get to the roof level when an outage occurs. Replacement links are available from Globe. These switched will meet your insurance company's requirement for "auto shutoffs" on your equipment.

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Hydraulic & Electrical Equipment Automatic Shut Down

Model EFL-M For Hydraulic and Electrical Equipment Automatic Shut Down

The Model EFL-M is a thermal actuated safety switch used to shut off hydraulic equipment, flammable liquid pumps by securing the power to the controller for these units through an electrical shut off switch.

Part# Temperature Rating
°F °C
327165M 165° 74°
327212M 212° 100°
327280M 280° 138°

See for a complete look at the line of fusible link products.


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